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Nov 16, 2018
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This is a real fun one, and one of the few known sex-link genes in coturnix. Since females control gender in birds, and have only one Z gene, they only need one copy of the "roux" gene to express the coloration, whereas males, who have two Z genes, need two - one from each parent.

"Roux Dilute" is the name of the color, but sometimes you'll see them called "Egyptian" as well. It's a specific term used to describe the exact cross of the parents - a homozygous roux dilute male crossed onto a normal pharaoh female. The resulting male offspring will all be pharaoh/wild-type, and the female offspring roux dilute, making it easy to tell gender from birth.

Sometimes people use "fawn" and "cinnamon" interchangeably as well but this is a bit incorrect and confusing as both of those actually describe separate other color genes as well.

IMG_20190510_154646776.jpg (left, with dilute pharoah right) IMG_20190820_141206833.jpg (center/left) IMG_20181209_133502728.jpg (far left) IMG_20181227_145755651.jpg

Have you got this color? Want to know where to find some? Noticed anything unusual about breeding it or any particularly interesting combinations with other colors? Have pictures to share? Join in!
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Calling all silver pharoah/tan silver/feather-sexable silver owners!

@Texas Kiki @Sara L @el dorado quail @Nabiki and maybe also @muddy75 and @mixedUPturk ?

Apparently, there's a good chance this is the same gene as roux dilute.

What I need from anyone willing to contribute:

1. Pics! Post all of your pics.

2. If any of you have a silver pharaoh type male you can pair with a few hens and do an isolated hatch with, do the resulting offspring all follow the pattern of lighter = female and darker = male?

3. Do your reddish roux types ever produce silver types? Do your silver types ever produce reddish roux types? Report your findings!

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