Rowan and the ducks

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    Jul 28, 2014
    I received two game chicks, who's mama had been killed by an unknown predator, from a neighbor who "didn't have time for those loud things". Unfortunately, one of the chicks didn't make it, and I was left with one lonely chick. Around that same time, I got a couple ducklings to add to my flock, and after some research, put the chick in with them. She has been with the ducks since she was two weeks old and is very fond of her adoptive family. So fond that when I try to move her in with the other hens (after they go to roost), she squawks and runs back and forth at the coop door, disturbing my six year old silkie roo who then decides its time for him to crow! Any tips on how to separate her from the ducks? I wouldn't be so worried if I had all females, but one (possibly both) are drakes. :/
    (Not sure where to put this, so I'm posting it here too.)

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