Royal Palm Poult?


8 Years
May 28, 2011

We have geese and chickens but have not had turkeys for years. Last month I purchased some poults from the feedstore. They were listed as rare breed turkeys and the feedstore assured me that they were not broad-breasted. One of them --my favorite, the particularly friendly poult-- has feathered out as pure white. I like to think that this poult will be a Royal Palm but I worry that she (if the poult really IS a she...) will turn out to be a heavy-bodied, short-lived bb white. When do Royal Palms start getting some barring in their plumage? If she is indeed a bb white, what is her life expectancy?

Thank you,

the rp we had last year had black in them by 3 weeks or so.the hen did take longer the 2 toms seemed to have alot of black could be a midget white they are a heritage breed i beleive.
Thank you for your reply. She is in her second month and and still pure white. I;m now hoping that she is a Midget White. In the past, the two bb bronze and white turkeys we had as farm pets became heavier than their legs could bear, eventually collapsed and had to be compassionately dispatched. It would be very distressing to have this happen again. Thank you again for the information of your response.

It could also be a White Holland. It shouldn't take long to tell if it's a BB, they have a square blocky looking body even at a young age.

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