Royal Palm Turkeys - 1m3f (1 tom 3 hens) ADULTS!!! - pickup only in NJ

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Group of four Royal Palm Turkeys. 1 Male, 3 Females.

    They are approximately 5.5-6 months old and are BIG. Male is VERY big!

    Pictures available upon request (no pictures at the moment but I can go and take some).

    They were never given medicated feed and are currently enclosed (for their own safety (past two weeks hawks killed another royal palm hen, a muscovy duck hen, and a salmon faverolle hen)) but are cage free and were allowed to free range until the first week of August. They get access to greens (arugula, fresh cut grass, weeds, etc), fruit and vegetable (zucchini, tomatoes, peaches, etc).

    Why are we getting rid of them? Space is an issue. Especially now with three different hawks squatting in my neighborhood killing the birds we have them all locked up (they have a HUGE shed as their coop, a huge outdoor run with 5ft+ fences and a covered run 10ftx10ft that is open/unlocked for them 24/7), plus in the Winter we keep them locked up mostly as well as we've had a huge problem with hawks (well not as bad as now) this past winter since all their cover from the trees is gone because of the cold. We are keeping 3 turkeys (of different breeds, not royal palms) for ourselves though.

    Pickup only in Long Branch, NJ. We are near exit 13 off of Rt 18, and Exit 105 off the Garden State Parkway.
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