Royal Palms

I was gave a full grown rp hen. Shes nice, not to big on petting but will come over to see what you are doing every now and than.I dont know if she was handled as a poult or not. I guess shes lighter than 20lbs. When I pick her up she feels lighter than my 1 1/12 year old cornish x meat hen. When I weighed two ton Sally (meat hen) early last spring she was 22lbs. But I could be worng.
I have a Royal Palm jenny that just laid her first egg today! I don't have a tom. I think my jenny is right around 13 pounds, and that is full grown- since she is now laying. They are a bit smaller, but very sweet birds. My dad raised them and I don't recall any of the toms being mean. In fact, one of them was really more of a pet. My RP follows us around outside and is very curious about what I'm doing. She does like being pet and comes right up to investigate. I can pick her up and carry her when I need to (transferring pens, etc) and she's very calm and docile. Very easy to keep. I could try to get a picture of her... I did take a picture of her first egg this morning! :) The white egg on the left is from the grocery store labeled "jumbo". The RP egg is more of a pink color with dark rose or mauve speckles. Very pretty!

Yesterday, I ran out and took some pictures of the jenny that laid the egg. :) She is very friendly, and wanted to show off for me and fluff up. I got a couple of pictures of her not really fluffed up. I can post a picture of her showing off for me, too. OH! One more thing to mention, these guys can fly pretty good! They can fly over about anything. If you want to keep them inside of a pen, you'll need a top. This particular jenny can easily fly over my horse stall which is 7 feet tall. She can get into the rafters of my barn-- which are at least 14 ft high. So keep that in mind! ha! But I LOVE the black and white coloring!


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