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    Feb 22, 2013
    Marsing, idaho.
    So I have a pair of royal hen and one tom. I plan on breeding them and incubating the eggs. I've done some research on the breed but i want to learn more. They are 7months old and the tom is very showy and constantly strutting for the hen. She seems not to care and he doesn't try anything more. What age do they lay?? Breed? I want to add one more hen. Good idea? Any advice on breeding, raising, and keeping this breed would be appreciated!!:)

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    Feb 22, 2012
    Hi! I have Royal Palms also. Last spring I got 6, one died at day 5 but the others grew like weeds and I love them! Turned out I had 4 toms and 1 hen. In January the toms began fighting really bad, before that it wasn't that bad. I butchered the one that was bullying and sad that I did. However now I have 2 toms separated with one nice tom and hen. I am hoping they mate. My hen started laying eggs 2/14. They were hatched May 12. I guess at 9 months they will start laying. I'm new to this too and was hoping my hen would get broody but if she doesn't I have an incubator coming. They are supposed to be"sitters"so I am hoping. I have not seen them mate more than once. But they all strut all the time. She sits down for me when I go into her coop but I'm hoping she sits for Mr.Tom! I love the Royal Palms as they have such a nice temperment. I'd like to add someday Narragansets. I wish I was more help for you but hope someone chimes in with more info. Good luck!

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