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    Hey everyone, this is a RolePlay thread! Tyrithiel is a fantasy/steampunk world. You can rp as whoever, but don't powerplay(AKA, 'godplay'), try not to say anything too innapropriate, and don't kill someone's character without asking whoever the character belongs to. Also, don't steal characters, you can only rp as your own characters, and you can have as many characters as your little heart desires c:

    Also, this isn't really a rule, but try to be a good sport! :) If someone rps something mean to your character, know it's not directed at you. No story is complete without a little bit of drama, right?

    I will link a thread where you can put your characters after people start joining, but until then, you can PM me your characters if you want.

    Here's the form:

    Character's name:

    Character's age:

    Brief description of your character:


    Character Type: (I really don't care what you put here, what I'm really asking is, is your character an enchantress perhaps? An ogre(shrek is love, shrek is life!)? Maybe a talking animal or something? A magic fairy mermaid? etc. etc.)

    Physical Appearance(Or a picture of your character):

    The RP also takes place in a town called Froith, which is a sea-side town that is mainly powered by steam. Weird things are happening around the town, rumors of strange creatures and ghosts spread like a disease. Some young children have even gone missing near the outskirts of the town. Nobody really knows what's going on. Some people think the weirdest thing is that werewolves and mermaids have been seen in the woods and in the nearby lake. Well, weird things have been going on for a while and, now the town is pretty much used to it.

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