RubberMaid tub dustbath.


Mar 19, 2017
Ok so I have tried so many times to make a dustbath in my coop with wooden barriers to keep the sand where it should be and I even tried some tubs but it. never. works.
So i was thinking about the area where my chickens dust bath when I let them out and I figured a rubbermaid tub like this
would be approximately the area of where 1-2 chicken(s) would be able to dustbath (Dimensions for this tub are 28.8" L x 19.7" W x 16.5" H) So I was thinking about cutting out the long side of course leaving a barrier so the sand stays in there and putting sand in it and seeing if they dustbath. I would leave the top on so that if it does rain and its not in the tarp part of the run It wouldn't get wet.
Please comment suggestions and ideas!


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Sep 2, 2014
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In my opinion it’s ideal for us people line of thoughts but will not work for chickens habits. No matter what, they will kick and dig things out of there if they use it for dust bath but I doubt it, they will use it for laying or hiding. My chickens like to dust bath in an open space especially by the door run where the sun shining causing me to always rake the area since there’s always a foot of dirt sand and shavings pile up, I can’t hardly swing the door open. There’s also an area they love to dig a crater to China, the middle of the run where many times I almost fall in changing their water and refilling feeds. They have a big run but they decided where I walk is the best trap hole they can make for me to fall in. :th


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Jan 8, 2017
I am currently using one of these tubs (no ducklings in it :lol:) for a dust bath. I don't find it gets wet, but I use wood ash and soil. They love it. I find they kick the shavings in there from the run. It is under the coop where the run is covered so that it doesn't get wet from the elements. I think if you filled it enough, they should be able to use it. I do replenish it every week or two and scoop out any poos that might end up in there.


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