Rubbing mineral oil on eggs?


7 Years
Apr 29, 2012
Before having chickens my husband would rub mineral oil on eggs from the store to help them last longer (up to 8 months) and then place them in our closet. Now that we have 5 chickens (2 silkies, 2 rhode islands reds, and 1 ameraucana) but so far the ameraicna is the only one laying and she lays everyday we would like to continue keeping them in the closet but my question is should I still rub oil on them to store longer or does the egg still have oil on it from the chicken? (we dont wash eggs off)
personally i wouldn't eat them after 8 months, no matter what. Esp store-bought eggs that are previously refrigerated.
eggs will stay good for several weeks at room temperature without any effort on your part.
I'd be afraid that mineral oil would make the eggs taste funny
I had heard that in the old days before refrigeration people would fill a crockery jar with eggs then cover it in gelatin to preserve them. Same principle: just trying to keep the air out.

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