Ruined all my hard work.

Mar 18, 2021
County Durham
The other day i went down to feed my chickens as normal, let them out, you know the score. Its dark nights in the UK now and with that it brings the feral kids in tracksuits out 'skulking around'. I noticed my cockerels had been let out of their pens and my initial thought was they have been stolen. I searched high and low for them only to find them in the corner of the field, 1 dead and 1 seriously injured. Some chav has been into my small holding and let them out on purpose to see them fight. i was horrified. 2 days later the other one died so now i lost my 2 price cockerels because of some chavs mindless fun.

On the plus, no hens were harmed and i have a new cockerel to keep them safe.

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