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    Am new to the true Araucana breed and have hatched eggs from several different breeders and only hatched 2 chicks with double tufts and unfortunately both died after about a week. My question is there a possiblity to hatch tufted chicks from clean-faced roos and hens or does one parent have to be tufted? Hope someone can give me some insight on this as it seems that the tufted birds are somewhat of a rarity. Maybe it depends greatly on the bloodline?
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    I second bantimna's post. Ann has an awesome website and under the heading information it tells you a lot of stuff to look for in buying chicks and eggs.

    You can't get tufted chicks from non tufted parents unless 1 parent has internal tufts, and that is so rare that I would never count on it.

    Tufted chicks seem to me to be just a tad bit more delicate that non tufted chicks. If any of my chicks die from seemingly no reason, it is always the tufted chicks. So agravating.

    So check out araucanasonline website. The pictures are beautiful and she has videos that are very informative.

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    as it seems that the tufted birds are somewhat of a rarity

    If breeding stock is bred right, tufted chicks are just as thrifty as none tufted chicks from my experience with them. matching the right breeders up will result in wonderful tufted chicks.. In working on our LF lavender araucana, we have had no issues getting and keeping good tufted large fowl Lavender chicks.. sweet.... [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But definitely check out Anne's site to, she does have some good info there..​
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    Doesn't two doses of the tufted gene make a lethal gene? which is why you have to use a tufted to non-tufted parent? or am I thinking of the gene causing the rumplessness?
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    You are correct. 2 doses of the tufted gene is lethal. Rumplessness is not lethal, but does also present it's own challenges sometimes.

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