Rumpless Tufted Araucana Guru's - Leg color ?


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Ok Araucana guru's
I am hatching 90 % of my birds this yr and I am trying to figure something out . My white line all have yellow shanks however I am hatching several white chicks each hatch with willow shanks and I am trying to decide if I should be culling them or growing them out for my breeding pen's, I know this trait is desireable on some birds I just was not sure about them in a recessive white line. Should I be keeping them and using them in another line ? or is the willow shank desireable on white birds as well. any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Well id keep the yellow legged ones for breeding into your white lines only and take the willow off colored ones and use in other fun pens if you need the willow or cull them off, but if you use them in other pens you must be careful and mark any chicks from the recessive line when breed to another color, to keep track of them in other breeding programs as they will not look white thats if they are recessive. of course once breeding 2 birds that are carrying a copy of recessive white it will come out again in the pairs off spring..

Hope this makes sense..


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