Run advice for a soon to be chicken owner.

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    Mar 12, 2012
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    Hello all, and thank you in advance for any suggestions.

    Urban chicken keeping has only just become legal in my town, and my application is actually still pending, but I'm already coop shopping. I have found several that would do quite nicely, despite the limitations of a very small yard.

    The trouble is that some of the coops I like best do not include a run, or some of the coops I like with runs, might not be ideal in the space I have to work with. The coop will be along side my garage, in a long, but narrow (maybe 5 feet wide) strip. Ideally, I'd like to buy a portable run, or repurpose something for pets into a run that I could store when not needed.

    I have never built anything in my life, and don't really want to invest in a bunch of tools now, but I have a handy friend I might be able to bribe if the project is simple. If we went the build your own route though, the run could not be unattractive, as it will be visible from the street.

    I hope that is enough (and not too much) information to get some pointers.
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    I would use hardware cloth for the run because chicken wire keeps chickens in, but it's not strong enough to keep most predators out.

    If you won't be moving your coop around (Like a chicken tractor) so they can eat grass, you could make a long, narrow chicken run with 2x4s and the hardware cloth.

    If you want to be able to go inside the run, then make it tall enough so you don't have to stoop over, which makes cleaning very unpleasant. Or, make it with a top that flips up for easy cleaning, so you could stand outside the run and sweep things up with a broom, or rake things up with a rake.

    I would put a nice thick layer of sand in my run if I were you. If you can, make your run a covered run, and that's nice for shade and also keeps the rain off, although, the rain might blow in anyhow. If you don't have a covered run, the sand will definitely come in handy, because of the drainage.

    A portable run might be a little bit difficult, but it can be done.
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    A suggestion....consider a dog run.

    Lowes carries a dog run that can be made into either a 10 by 10 run or a 5 by 15. We've used them in both configurations and have added roofs to all of ours. Chain link fencing (we also run a 36" hardware cloth apron around the bottom).

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    Also check craigslist, you will see dog runs on there from time to time.

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