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Im new to this chickens stuff i live in the city. have some chickens its been raining for a few days and its gonna rain more! te smell has become to the point were we almos cant go in are back yard. I dont have any feed stores nearby or anything. Is there anything can get from the homedepo or lows to make the smell go away!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!
Hey, Welcome to Chickens!
You can rake out the run and try a different bedding material. I have found that the cleaner you keepit the better it smells.
You can use lye on the ground but the chickens can't go back in for a few weeks the bag says to keep domestic animals off of it for a few weeks.
They sell a kennel spray at most pet stores called Natures Miracle you could try it is a natural enzyme product I believe.
The secret is to remove the droppings and make sure you don't have any standing water anywhere. Hope this helps!
Kim in Ky.
Lowes or Home Depot wont have what you need. Tractor Supply, a farmers co-op, some sort of farm supply store will have PDZ or Stall Dry in the horse section. It is for sprinkling on the ground to neutralize odors. I use 2-3 handfuls of PDZ every 4 or 5 days in my run and there is no smell. My girls free range during the day. Their run is 10x10 and I have 12 chickens. Rake out as much poop and wet bedding or whatever is in their run as you can, then sprinkle the PDZ around. May have to use more at first as you already have a smell issue.
After you get past this rain, you might want to think about putting sand in your run. It will drain better and reduce problems with smell. It's also easier to rake the poop out of.
Unless you have serious overcrowding and sanitation problems, a smelly run is usually a DAMP run.

See my 'fix a muddy run' page (link in .sig below) for a good multi-pronged way of tackling the problem.

As a temporary fix you can buy a sack of Sweet PDZ or Stall-Dry or similar stable powder, from your feedstore, and scratch some of that into the run; but really it is better to fix the fundamental problem once and for all.

Good luck, have fun,

My run used to smell. Know when I mow my lawn I throw grass clippings in there every week, enough to cover the area.
They scratch them in, eat them, the smell went away, and they love it.
It worked for me.

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