Run Away Hens


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Colchester, Connecticut
I have nine of the finest free-ranging Rhode Island Reds a girl could want. They lay well and peck and scratch close by the house or their coop. We have almost four acres of open space in the back yard. TODAY, seven of the hens decided to leave their normal areas and head all the way in the far back yard completely out of site and did not come when they were called. Why would they do this? We have food, plenty of security, water, etc.
As the weather cools off here in Texas, I'm seeing similar behavior in my birds. They've grown up a bit from the babies they were, have become familiar with the area and more comfortable ranging further from "home base". If they usually come when they're called but didn't, I figure it's like your kids out in your yard that you call in for dinner. They hear you and they see you and they come in when called. But let em head down the block and get into a game of kickball or something and they hear you and they're just too busy having fun to come running. Same with chickens. They're too busy finding new bugs to eat, places to dust bathe or yummy new greens to gobble. Mine come to a "dinner bell" and they KNOW when they hear it ringing that it means they get special treats - watermelon, grapes, sunflower hearts... something REALLY good. You might want to train them to a special sound that can be heard from a longer distance. Just remember that every single time you use that sound, they get a treat.
Chickens are like men.. they way to get their attention is to feed them well
Hello Texas!

Thank you for your charming and informative response. My hubby and I are new to starting a farm. Your post helps me to worry less. The weather is cooling down in Connecticut (90's yesterday to 70's today) and perhaps they did find something interesting. At least the two hens that didn't join the gang enjoyed some delectable blueberries. We'll, off to gargle with salt water from calling them so much. Thank you!

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