Run Chicken Model T40, Automatic Chicken Coop Door


Dec 27, 2014
Rock Island, IL
I've been poring over info on pop doors for a while now and am thoroughly confused.
The ones that have what I want are way too expensive for me.
I know its an investment like so many other things I have.

But I found this one - Run Chicken Model T40:
Its in my price range I was hoping for.
It doesn't operate on a cord.

And they will modify the door to my requests when in production.
I have searched for reviews and see that most people are happy with it.
People who had complaints were accommodated quickly.

I'm planning on ordering it soon but would like to hear some reviews from people on this site.
If its such a great product BYC people should be made aware of it.
Its a small company and I'd like to see it flourish.

Rose, looking forward to hearing from some of you Chicken Lovers.


May 21, 2020
Southern 8600 ft
I have no experience with run-chicken...but, if it's not solar, wouldn't it require a cord of some type? The holes in the door wouldn't work for my local as snow and wind would get in.

I'm very happy with my Ador. Yes it's more, but I do not have power at the coop and they are battery powered. The opening is also larger, which was a big selling point for me.

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