1. BlackAce

    BlackAce Chirping

    Jun 7, 2013
    I built a simple coop over the weekend. I'd like to build some kind of door but access from the out side to open and close it. Maybe some kind of sliding door. I cut the hole into the middle of the coop for the run. I'd like to lock them down at night.

    I found this in the Internet which is pretty similar to the one I built. The nest box is in the back. Where can I get the big sardine can opener from? Lol Or what are you thoughts on it.

  2. LuvMyChicks1491

    LuvMyChicks1491 Songster

    Jul 16, 2013
    Central New York
    You could make one. Coat hanger? piece of ply wood cut in that shape? PVC pipe attached to the door? or You could put the door sliding up and down and run a rope to the out side so that you can slide it up and down. Attach a ring to the end of the rope and put 2 hooks or screws on the out side. one at the top to attach the ring to when the door is closed and one down low so that when you pull the rope the door opens and you put the ring on the hook to keep it open. Depending on the weight of the door and how easy it slides you might want to add a weight to the door to make sure that it closed tightly. Just some ideas

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