Run Drainage Ideas


7 Years
Feb 28, 2013
NW Hills of CT
I recently added 7 pekin ducks to my run (along with my chickens and mallard ducks), and they are making a huge mess with the waterers. I have 6 inches of sand in the run, but it is no longer draining, and turning into mud. I need to do something about it before winter, as I will have a huge ice problem.

I was thinking of building three wooden boxes, 15"x15"x6" deep with a floor, walls but no top. I would bury these boxes in the sand floor, and then fill them with 1-2" smooth river rock. The boxes would be connected to each other daisy chain style with 2" PVC pipe, and then a pipe would go out of the run area and allow all 3 to drain outside of the run area. I would place a waterer on each box (making sure the waterer is level). I currently use the 5 gallon top fill waterers by Harris Farms. I don't fill them completely, but about half to two thirds, so I am dealing with 10 gallons of water each day. The ducks drain them every day, so I have to drain out 10 gallons a day.

I am concerned about the wooden boxes rotting away. Any better suggestions? I was thinking of galvanized steel tubs, but am concerned about drilling the 2" holes in them, and getting the pipe to connect to it without leaking. The slanted walls of the tubs seems to be the biggest challenge.

If anyone has dealt with this in their run, let me know how you set up your drainage. Thanks!

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