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  1. navychick

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    May 17, 2011
    We are finishing up our coop this week-end and the construction process has taken a toll on the ground inside the (12' x 20') run. It is basically dirt [​IMG] We have a huge yard and I plan to let the girls wander when we are home so they will have access to grass. Would the "girls" wear the area down to dirt anyways? Should I feel bad they they wont start out on a grassy run? Would it be a good idea to top off the run with sand and if so how deep would it need to be to keep them from getting down to the black dirt? Thanks- I appreciate all of your advice.
  2. bryan99705

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    Don't worry about it, it seems to take a day and they wil;l tear up a area anyway. If you feel bad, give them the grass clipping from the yard, they will love them
  3. ben is a terror

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    Apr 9, 2011
    I have about 6" of sand in my run. I rake it about once a week to keep it nice adding more as needed. If they don't spend all the time on the grass you might have a chance but hens love to scratch.

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