Run for 6 bantams?

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    Feb 2, 2013
    Hi I am soon intending to buy 6 pekin (cochin) bantams. I intend for them to have a 17ft x10ft run, attached will be a large coop. Now and again in summer when we are sat in the garden I may let them free range but generally they will be confined to their run. Will this be big enough for them long term? I intend to give them things to occupy them like branches, sand pits, and food treats to forage for. I was going to get 4 originally but the husband said he wanted to get 6 as they are small. Sound like a good idea and will they be OK for room?
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    They will be fine. They will especially love it if you give them very short grass clippings (herbicide-free), maybe a couple of inches long (shorter if they are chicks- I give week-old chicks ones that are about 1/2 inch long). Confined chickens LOVE to eat grass, and it contains vitamins for them.

    Bantam cochins are especially gentle and docile. Great pets!
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