Run of bad luck and a mystery death


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Feb 4, 2010
Glasgow, Scotland
First of all, my 9 month old Black Copper Marans from my first ever hatch had a prolapse. Half her innards were hanging out of her vent and she was looking really uncomfortable. I whisked her off to a local avian vet who I've used before and he kept her for nearly two weeks. But all his treatment was in vain and she didn't recover. After trying a few different things I was left with the options of hysterectomy or euthanasia and I thought that euthanasia was probably kinder. Total bill £130...

Secondly, one of my two Black Rocks just turned up dead in the nestbox one day. I have no idea what might have happened to her. My boyfriend found her, didn't look too closely, and disposed of the body before I got a chance to examine her for clues. Up till then she had been looking very healthy and laying well. She was round about a year old.

Thirdly, one of my four ISA Browns was found dead, floating in the cows' trough. We think she must have fallen in by accident and then, with waterlogged feathers, been unable to flap her way back out. What a horrible way to die. Our geese used to bathe in the trough but until now all the hens seemed to stay clear of it. I hope this was a one-off incident.

Anyway, all that happened inside a fortnight. Sigh.

Does anyone have any ideas what might have killed the one found dead in the nestbox? That was just over a month ago and I've had no more mystery deaths since. All the other hens are looking healthy, acting normal and laying well. Do hens often turn up dead for no obvious reason?


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May 18, 2009
I'm sorry you are having a run of bad luck. Last summer I lost my favorite roo in the coop (which is very secure) overnight. He didn't have a mark on him and looked like he was just asleep in his favorite corner. I have been told that the large fowl chickens may be prone to heart attacks. Also, we are in Florida and it was a very hot week.

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Nov 26, 2009
I had a perfectly healthy Cuckoo Maran drop dead on me yesterday looks like a prolapse as the innards were on the outside, really nice hen and only laying a few weeks, and this morning one of my brown hens has blood coming from her back end .............. all were apparently healthy not 48 hours ago.

Then another brown hen (the leader) seems a little off, not bossing anyone around and the 4th is in top form ....................

I changed pellets a week ago and I'm hoping this isn't the reason or a contributing factor ??


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Feb 24, 2009
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So sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. It's a shame you didn't get a good look at the hen your boyfriend found in the nesting box. If he didn't see anything abnormal, maybe she just had a stroke or heart attack. Things definitely happen like that with hens and roosters. Such a shame.

Chin up! Things will get better!

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