Run Renovation - no more shoveling snow!

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    I hate shoveling snow (although on this sweltering day it doesn't sound so bad [​IMG]), and so had planned to cover part of the run last year. But lesson learned - it's SO much easier/simpler to do it right the first time than to try to go back and "fix" it later through renovations. So it got put off another year. Winter #3 with chickens will be SO much better - will tarp off the rest of the run to keep the section under cover snow free [​IMG] We roofed a 12 x 15 section, which will give the girls a decent amount of snow-free winter space [​IMG]
    I started by myself, but after trying to balance on top of 2x4s while holding rafters and trying to use the Paslode - I shot a nail through my hand. Funny now, but not so much at the time [​IMG] The plus side of my accident was that DH jumped in and finished the roof for me [​IMG]

    Before - how it's been for the past two years: Roofed in wire only...
    Rafters going up quickly now that DH took over:
    Metal on:
    Underside view:
    The rest is just wire, and that section will be tarped off come winter time...
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
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    Gorgeous!! [​IMG]

    How is it going to work to put a tarp over the flat wire?? B/c if you have snow, that may well bring the whole thing down. I had an experience like that w/ water in a tarp on a flat wire roof--fortunately I was home and I put slits in the tarp to drain the thing b/f it all came down on the chix! Snow will build up and be very hard to remove, and it gets heavy fast!
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    Oh, that is gorgous! LOVE IT! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Oh no...not on top/roof. I'm going to make tarp walls - wall off the rest of the run and just give them that 15 x 12 section rather than the whole run. [​IMG] So although snow will pile up in the rest of the run, I won't care - no shoveling for me!!!
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    Great job! [​IMG]
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    Job well done!

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