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    Mar 11, 2010
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    I'm working on the run that will encompass my coop. The total run area will be approx. 32'x18'. I want to build a roof over half of that (16'x18'). If I just attach rafters to the fencing that sits on 4x4's on the ground, will I get into trouble with the first sign of snow/wind? Should I anchor the roof with separate 4x4s into the ground? Or can I just let it sit on top of the ground as the fence is?

    Clear as mud? Ok, short version:
    Fence is 4'4" high and sits on horizontal 4x4's with four vertical 4x4's, one at each of the corners, none of this is anchored into the ground, it just sits on top of it.

    Now, as an afterthought, I want to attach rafters to form a roof over half of the area with palruf/suntuf type material. Can I just attach the rafters to the fence or should I build a separate structure with posts that are sunk properly into the ground? The slope of the roof would be about 3/12 and it will be a simple gable.

    Feedback appreciated.

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    Mar 23, 2010
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    check out "used vinyl billboards' for a roof. they are big,inexpensive,mold resistant,tear resistant,fade resistant( 5-7 years) and we use them for our coop and run (12'x20'x7'high)

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