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    Sep 19, 2016
    Hello newbie here, I am in the process of building my outside run. We just moved to a new home a few months back and my 4 gals have MUCH more room to play outside. I have a 12w x 36L run already framed and have vinyl roofing for 10ft in width to give them some shelter from rainy days and sun where they will come in and out of the barn at. Do I need to fence the remaining open area to avoid overhead predators from them ?? The run is also 8ft in height. Seen this done both ways just didn't know if necessary or not. Thanks for any input from West Harrison IN....I'll get some pics up Wednesday of the frame and show progress !!
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    Welcome to BYC!

    *I* would cover to protect from BOP, but lots of hawks here,
    and anything else that may climb in.
    Size and type of mesh for run roof can vary depending on level of protection needed.
    May also depend on your area and other circumstances of your situation.

    Would love to see pics of your coops and run.
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    I am going to cover my run as well. Out where I am we have Turkey Vultures, Hawks, and large Owls that will prey on my birds. It's best to be safe than sorry in my opinion, also shade will help keep any white feathered birds whiter longer!

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