Runaway Bird Caught/bleeding beak

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  1. SouthOrange

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    Apr 14, 2014
    I have a bird gifted to me that runaway in August. She sleeps and lay egg somewhere hidden in junk yard behind my house. During the day she makes her way into my yard and hangs near coop and other birds and stays under patio. Lately she is sleeping under patio but never in a special coop. I finally caught her and she is freaking out and now her beak is bleeding. What do I do?
  2. krista74

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Victoria, Australia.
    For now, pen her up in a small dog crate or rabbit hutch and let her calm down. Give her some water and a good quality feed. Some scrambled eggs and a little meat will help build her up a bit too.

    Once she is calm and night falls, I would go out with a torch and gently and quietly take her out of the cage. You can clean off her injuries then, and then let her spend a few days quietly recovering.

    In due course, when she has settled down a bit, it would probably be a good idea to give her a thorough dusting for lice and mites, and a worm treatment. She will eventually need to be reintegrated with your flock, and that will involve placing her (in her cage) within the main coop for a few days so she recognises that place as 'home.' During this time your flock will spend time with her and get used to her. Then, under supervision, she can be integrated back with them for good.

    But for now, a calm quiet environment, some peace from the rest of the flock, and some TLC will help her out immensely.

    - Krista
  3. chickengeorgeto

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    Her bill is likely bleeding because she went ape sh*t when she was caught and re-turned to a coop or pen.
    at that time she likely harmed herself by flying into the coop or wire.

    Don't do anything to startle her and do try to move slowly around her. A quite stall that can be darkened is the best place for this hen until she calms down.
  4. SouthOrange

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    Apr 14, 2014
    Thanks! I put her in the run while the other girls are in the coop for the night. I did throw blankets over the run to darken it a bit. There a big street lamb that prevents it from being dark in my yard. She did calm a bit and I gave her a dish of meal worms. She came to be at eight months and I have never handled her because she ran the very next day. I have three two months chicks Golden neck D'uccle and one Silkie about her size.

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