Runaway chickens :(


7 Years
Nov 12, 2012
Hello all,
I'm new to the forum but i'm desperate to know if i will ever see my chickens again

We recently got given 3 new chickens 2 1 year olds and one 8 week old, we had them running around in the coop but they got out into the garden where our other chickens free range they all seemed to get on fine then our free range large hen began to corner and fight the newest hens this then caused them all to jump over the small get fence. My mother was here at the time when i got home from the bus 4 boys decided it'd be fun to chase them so one ran into the field leaving to which did run into our garden, we got them two in then went to find the other which we did but when we got back the 2 we'd previously caught had gone
we returned one the 1 year old back to the house and we continued to search for the other 2 ( 1 year old and 8 week old ) they were nowhere, i'm really hoping that they're hiding in the garden somewhere and we can't see them as it was dark.. we live in the country and i pray the fox's don't get too them!

Because we've caught one of the chickens which is the dominant one of the three, is it possible the others will return?


Emu Hugger
14 Years
Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
They probably will return in the morning.. I had.a young pheasant get out and then chased all over by a Emu until she.ran in the woods at a neighbors. She returned the next don't give up hope

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