Runaway new hen.


Jun 21, 2022
Yesterday we got a new hen. I left the coop open and 3 of our hens escaped. Including her. She dont know this area at all. Its 100 degrees so im super worried. There is a highway across the street and then miles of corn. What are the odds that she is nearby?? We live in a small village. So im hoping she went right into our town instead of the other way to the corn. What do i do? I had one chicken escape before and she came back. But she was used to being here at home.
It’s hard to say how far she might have gone. I’d put out food and maybe a game camera to see if she comes back to your coop. Maybe post on local group asking if someone’s seen her or put up posters in town.
She walked across the highway at least twice but i saw her across there but she did come back. She does escape time ro tome still but doesnt go far now.

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