Runner ducks, various ages, prices, genders, groups

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Charlotte, NC
    Pick-up only in Charlotte, NC, the following ducks are for sale. Prices as listed, please contact me for current availability.

    * Fawn & white Runner pair (one male, one female), mature and laying fertile eggs (I've hatched lots of healthy babies out of this pair this year). Must stay together. Hatched Spring 2009. $20 for the pair.

    * Immature tuxedo blue Runner trio (one male, two females). Fully grown & feathered, will mature this winter, ready to lay in Spring. Must go together. $35 for the trio. Tuxedo blue is my name for the non-standard coloration of blue with a white neck & sometimes head. The color is not stabilized and could produce anything through breeding. It is SUPER cute, though, and I had intended to work more on it but am having to downsize. This trio should throw some gorgeous, interesting, and unpredictable color combinations. Should be fun.

    * Three unsexed fawn & white Runners (could be sexed, I just haven't taken the time--$5 each if you buy unsexed, otherwise $8 per female, less for the males). Females from this group could be sold with the fawn & white pair to make a larger same-color breeding group, or combined with the tuxedo group to make a nice mixed-color breeding group. However, they are immature and may have to be kept separate for several weeks until they reach full size. Fully feathered and can be kept outdoors in appropriate accommodations without supplemental heat. Will mature this winter for breeding next Spring.

    * Seven unsexed 2 1/2-week-old Runner ducklings. Too young to sex, they include 2 fawn & whites plus silvers, blues, and tuxedo blues (don't remember numbers of each color off-hand). Just starting to feather, must be kept separate from older ducks until they near maturity. May be sold in groups of 3, 4, or 7. $5 each.

    * 1 male blue Runner, very nice upright type, from Holderread Waterfowl Farm, high quality. Hatched in April, displaying breeding behaviors. $5. Could be kept with Stanbridge White (below) as pond ornaments--they were raised together and should get along as long as there are no females to fight over. Would also make a wonderful addition to a breeding flock to improve your genetics (it doesn't get much better than Holderread).

    * 1 male Stanbridge white (aka white magpie--NOT a Runner) drake, very very pretty bird, pure creamy white, nice shape. Holderread bird hatched this past April, displaying breeding behaviors. Would make a stunningly handsome partner for a pekin, or could be kept with his flock-mate, the blue Runner drake above, as pond ornaments. $5

    * 1 mature black Runner drake from this year's breeding flock. Just over a year old, he is a proven breeder with a gorgeous irridescent sheen to his coat. For most of the Spring he was servicing 8 females with a nearly 100% fertility rate, and has continued servicing reliably all summer (just don't know the exact numbers any longer because another drake is doing some of the "work"). I'm replacing him with Holderread drakes--I just hope they're as reliable as he is! $5

    Also available: Runner duck eggs, for hatching (by pre-paid reservation only, $12 a dozen) or eating ($5 a dozen); quail eggs ($2 a dozen--hatching eggs available by pre-paid reservation only) and chicks and young, various ages ($1 each for up to two-weeks old; $1.50 for older young birds).

    Contact me with your interest and some times when you can pick up. All sales subject to availability and offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Thank you!
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    Do you advertise in any of the local papers, craigslist, or iwanna? A lady came this weekend and bought a male and 3 female fawn and white runners from me, saying that no one in her area is selling runner ducks. She drove about 3 1/2 hours and is a whole lot closer to you than me. It sounds like there may be a market in your area.

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