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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by coolchickens, Dec 25, 2009.

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    Does anyone have any ideas why a duck stops eating or drinking? He is my Runner drake, about 7 mos. old and just started this yesterday. He runs with 4 pekins girls (3 now) but day bef. yesterday I found one of the Pekins dead in the pen from something grabbed her by the neck. I'm sure it was the bobcat back but it never got her out of the pen as my livestock guard dog showed up and ran it off. (he was a little late on that one). I checked all the other ducks and everyone was fine. I noticed my drake was acting quiet so thought he was grieving over the lost duck but now I don't know. I've checked him all over for bite marks, etc., find nothing. He walks up to the water bowl and just stares at it, same with the food. No runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, nothing. Just won't eat or drink. He follows his girls around the pen while they eat and drink and runs from me when I try to catch him but somethings wrong. I added organic applecider vinegar to their water in case its a sore crop. His crop feels okay, not full or anything. Poops, but very little, green with white, looks normal. Any suggestions? Should I add an antibiotic to the water? If so, what kind? Thanks. Sharon
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    Ducks sometime do go into grieving over the loss of a close flock member. Some have actually pined to death, but that is unusual. He may be in shock from fear as well. You are doing everything right such as observing him closely, he will probably just need a few days. The fact that he has other flock member still with him will probably help him through this.
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    I wonder if some peas...or some special treat would get him to eat? Poor guy..... I hope he gets better soon.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    He could have been injured but you just cant see the wound. It could be shock too. Bribe him with peas.
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    Thank you guys for the suggestions. Finally, today I saw him drinking for the first time in two days since the bobcat attack on one of his females. I just went out and offered him some veg. mix which has peas, corn beans and carrots in it (all I had) and he finally showed an interest in food and tried to eat the peas and grn beans. He appears to be very cautious about extending his neck out like it hurts him. I have checked him over again and cannot see anything but he sure acts like it bothers him. I know bobcat grab their pray by the neck and suffacate their windpipe so maybe he got grabbed and got away. At least he is trying to eat/drink now. Oh, yesterday I went to my friends who has ducks to ask about care and I had given him my first batch of eggs from Nimo. He said he had a "Christmas surprise" for me, and inside his incubator was one little duck that hatched from Nimo's 14 eggs. He said I could have him/her so I'm very excited about that. What a miricle just at the right time! Sharon (The baby is Pekin mom who got killed and Nimo).

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