Runny butt too.

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    I see a lot of these post are related to pasty butt. So here's one more.

    I have a BO I got at about 20 weeks old. Actually I have 3 but one has this problem . It's been about 3 months now that she has what I just call runny butt. She now has gotten to a point where about a four inch stretch down her rear is runny poop. I wormed the chicken and clipped the rear feather around her vent and down her back end. She now has about a quarter size spot on her rear with no feather and dried poop stuck down her back side. Thatclipping has done nothing to cure her problem. Now I think I have a larger one. The other night I noticed when they went to roost my rooster was on one side of her and the GLW hen was on the other. They were facing one way and she the other. Well I saw them pecking at her rear. Now the GLw hen has signs of the same problem. Whatever is causing this could it be infectious and the others are getting it too? I don't have a problem ending her life and culling her, but I would like to know that is the one thing I do need to do if she can't be fixed.

    Her poo in the mornings is a runny brown and from the roost it just splatters. I have sand in the coop so it cleans up with no problem but I can't have this passing to the rest if it is contagious.

    The hen shows no problems at all. Eats well, lays her eggs, moves around as spry as any of the rest. You would not know a problem existed till she turns her rear to you then you just say, on my.

    Can anybody evaluate this deal and come up with a diagnosis?

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