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    hi all, I have a hen that just started laying a few weeks ago. I thought but can not confirm that she was laying normal eggs because she was getting the the nesting box but she may have just been practicing. The we started noticing shelless eggs and I mean completly shelless, just a very thin membrane, I did some research on here and did not worry about it seeing it was normal for beginning layers however I did seperate her and give her extra vitamins and oyster shells, acv is always put in the water etc. now it has been a week 1/2 and she is still not laying correctly, it is infact getting worse. She doesn't even have a membrane around the egg now three days in a row it is (and excuse me) but it's just like she's pooping out yolk and whites. Is there anything else I can try before culling her. I really love her spunky attitude but it is making a mess in the nesting boxes. It literally is just all over the hay. Bless her heart though she's laying regular.
    Thank you
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    I'd give her a little more time. I have a black star who laid more shell-less eggs than not for the first couple of months of laying. I was starting to despair of her, but haven't had a shell-less egg now for several weeks.

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