Runny nose and pale head features

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  1. chickmom137

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    Sep 26, 2012
    I just bought a 5mth old Splash Orphington this past weekend with a few other chicks and noticed that she has very watery stool - not trying to be too graphic - to begin with there was very little substance and lots of clear fluid. I removed her from the others and have been trying to remedy her issue through various suggestions I've seen online. I added some Epsom salt to her food, tried a little cider vinegar to her water, and then changed the water and added only Pig Swig, which is a wormer (our local feed store had this). Her stool is a little more solid, but still seems to be watery at times. Also, I looked up pictures of what she is suppose to look like, and her crown and all the parts on the head that are suppose to be red (I need to educate myself on what everything is called) is very pale. She was like this when I bought her, but being a newbie, I didn't know if her breed just caused her to have pale parts rather than red.
    If anyone could give me some insight, I would be most appreciative. Thanks!
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    Aug 25, 2012
    Hi. Pale parts are an indicator of a hen that is laying very well ( known as bleaching) Alot of times when we bring one home it upsets her enough for her to stop laying for a few days until she feels safe at her new home. Just keep an eye on her stool, it may be also she is not used to her new feed and it shows in her stool. Ask the seller if possible what her old feed was and see if theres a difference. God bless your chicken.

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