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    Aug 29, 2014
    Since it's been colder here in Maryland, I have noticed that MOST of my chickens have runny noses (I only have 7 btw), one also appears to be sneezing. Other then that, there are no other symptoms. They all seem to be eating and drinking just fine, all are bright eyed and otherwise healthy happy chickens. Should I assume that they have some form of CRD and treat or is this nothing to worry about? It has been going on almost a week now with just the runny noses. It is definitely not just water, as i wiped some of their noses to check. But it is clear, no yellowy color to it that I can see.
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    With so many affected it could be infectious bronchitis, a virus that has to run it's course over several weeks. Antibiotics won't affect viruses, but may help prevent a secondary infection such as MG or air sacculitis. Make sure that your coop is not overly dusty, has no wet or moldy areas, has no ammonia odors, and make sure there is good overhead ventilation to let out moisture, but no direct drafts. Here is a good link to read about bronchitis and MG (CRD):

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