runny poo... ACV?

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    May 6, 2007
    Madison WI
    One of my 6 weekers has runny poo. The problem is I don't know which one it is. I have watched them and they all have normal poops also......
    I put 1 capful of ACV (per 1 quart water) in their water today. I hope this will help.

    Can someone be more specific as to the ACV per water formula? One capful seems so little!
    The nurse in me wants to know how many cc's......

    FOUND IT!: ratio of about ¼ tsp per 4 oz water is best.
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  2. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Too much acidity can kill your bird...better too "little" than too much. The amount is greatly dependent on the PH of your water... you can lower it to 4.5 and in general be assured that this is not going to negatively afect the health of your birds (although it is advised not to keep it constantly at this rate)... If you add medication or vitamins then don't add ACV.

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