runny poop, chick not growing as fast

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    We have 4 black copper marans that are about 6 weeks old. One of them is not growing as fast. He/she is pretty much just as lively as the others, but tends to stay under the heat lamp a lot more than the other 3. The chick sometimes has a runny poop that does not look normal - but not on the poop chart. It has the color of normal poop but runny instead of firm. We feed them organic chick starter and not much else - occasionally organic lettuce and grit.

    Any ideas?

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    I would suggest stopping the lettuce. It can definitely give small animals diahrrea, so possibly it can cause that with a chick.....(Now, I'm not a food genus or anything, but that's what I would try first.)
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    I lettuce. Treats are not good right now. The starter should be all they need and it will fill all their nutritional needs. You could put some polyvisol drops in their water if you're too concerned. Wouldn't worry yet! ;-)

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