Runny poop--Could it be just stress?

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    Nov 30, 2011
    My leghorns and my original RIR all have neat, dry poop-balls. The new RIR's have gooey, gloppy, pudding-like poop puddles. This is completely disgusting, as it gets everywhere in the shed. I think they poop MORE than the originals, too, because even though there are now 6 birds in my shed (2 more than before, because Connor and Brigid are still camping in the upstairs bathroom)

    What I am wondering is, could all this runny poop be due to the stress of a new home? They have been here 8 days now (though it feels like 8 years!). Also, I changed from the regular Purina Layena in the blue bag to the Omega-3 Layena. I notice the new feed has somewhat less fiber (maximum 6% in the new one vs max 7% in the old). Could this be the culprit?

    Or, is this just the way these guys are? If so, they are going to make my straw lady very happy!
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    First... -- so that you can check out what's normal and what's not for chicken poop.

    Also, remember that chickens eat more in the Winter, colder weather, so they poop more.. mine are both eating more and pooping more.

    You will find that using the Search here on BYC will help you a lot... You can Search "changing feed" or "changing feed suddenly" or "changed feed" and see what you come up with there.

    I am not sure about chickens, of course if it were a dogs or cats, we change their food gradually, mixing the new with the old in increasing amounts so as to avoid problems like stomach upset or diarrhea... but, I don't know if that is necessary with chickens. And, I can't even find or get the Purina Feeds here.. only Star Milling (Ace Hi) brands here, maybe because the company is here, ha. And, I wouldn't guess it was the fiber content, if there is only 1% difference between the two.. but, it might be the added oils to make it "omega 3"... we, "more mature" people, take those oils to "keep things regular", so... maybe.

    Best of luck. Take care.

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