Runny Poop/Diarrhea?

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    Mar 4, 2009

    I have yet another question. All my chicks seem to have loose poop/diarrhea at least once a day when they go. They are on medicated chicken feed and we have run several fecal examinations at the vet where I work and have yet to find any parasites. I was wondering if this was normal for chicks? None of them seem to be affected by the runny poop, just harder for me to keep them clean and is stinkier. My other question is should I go ahead and give everyone meds that get rid of common chick intestinal parasites just in case the medicated feed isn't getting rid of everything and we just aren't finding something on the fecal examinations? I hope this makes sense, it's late and I took 3 kids to the aquarium today so I may be a bit loopy atm [​IMG] Thanks again guys !!! This forum really is a blessing !!!

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    Hi Whitney,

    They are baby chicks? That is normal. It may be cecal poop. Baby chicks certainly are messy and poopy, aren't they? It gets better and easier, so hold on.

    Don't worm baby chicks, they can't take the stress and they will die. They don't have worms unless they have been outside eating on the ground anyway.

    The medicated chick starter helps prevent cocci, which is endemic and affects all chickens once they go out of doors. The chick starter will not kill all of the cocci, but will allow the chicks to become strong enough so that their own immune systems will kill it.

    Three kids at the aquarium? That's where the germs are! All those snotty little noses glued up against the glass (I know, mine's one of them...).

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