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Apr 19, 2015
Appalachian Mountains
My Brahmas poop is looking a little loose and liquidy. What is this a sign of? Lack of/Too much of? Thanks in advance for some help. Still new to chickens but have overall healthy happy chickens so far.


6 Years
Feb 27, 2015
East Texas
There's no reason to get snarky, sometimes it takes some time to get your questions answered. We're people too, not robots that are online 24/7. Also, this might not have been the best section to post in, the "Emergencies/Diseases/Injuries and Cures" actually has an active thread about runny poop going on right now.

Now, as for your original question, chicken poop is just sometimes runny, especially during the summer when their water intake is much higher. This page is my go-to reference on chicken poop, it has tons of pictures and descriptions of both normal and diseased poop.


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Jul 29, 2013
Hi, can someone point to any active runny poop thread? I can't find that has any posts from 2015.

Here is my dilemma! My 7-8 week old chicks were doing fine until 2 days ago. Yesterday when I opened them, I saw them poop mustard, watery liquid. At least 2 or 3 out of 11 are involved. It smells like cecal poop but its just a watery splash. Here are couple of pics:

All that has changed is:

Last 3 days have been unseasonably cold and even my adult hens (they are all separate and don't share any food containers/feed etc) are huddling together.

I could not find any grower feed to switch them to from chick starter feed. So I mixed a lot of scratch in the chick starter feed to give it to them.

I gave them chick starter back yesterday and all of them ate it like crazy even the ones pooping like this. They are drinking fine as well. However, walking a little slow unless I try to approach them, and have hackle feathers fluffed up.

Will it hurt if just started them on Corid as a precaution? What else it could be?

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