Runny poo's


11 Years
Mar 26, 2008
Hi Im a proud new mummy to two Black Rock Chickens!!! TheChickens arrived on Easter Sunday and seem to have settled ok, so far. However, I have just been up to see the little un's and noticed their poo is like yellow paint, very runny and liquid like,,, nice. Sorry if you are eating.
Just wondered, do you think this is to do with them settling in?
We have been feeding them layers feed with a handful of corn twice a day!! I read somewhere that the more greens they eat then the more yellow the yolk of the egg, So we gave them some leek (offcuts from last nights dinner) this was uncooked, and only a little bit.
Any advice welcome
Many Thanks
Chicky poo's
How old are these chickens? Are they babies or are they adults. My guess is that they are getting too many treats and not eating enough of their regular feed. I would give them their age approperate feed and no treats for a week or two to see if the problem doesn't go away. Also, give them feed available 24/7.

If the birds are under 4 months old, put them on chick starter/grower. Older then they can be on layer. Layer feed for young chicks can damage their internal organs due to excessive calcium content.

If you can tell us more about the age of the birds and their living arrangements, we may be able to give you more suggestions.
Hi Thanks for your responce, The birds are 18 months old, they roost in a hen house and have the run of the garden during the day. They have layers pellet feed available around the clock and have only had a few treats since we have had them (5 days now) I have consulted my local vet and he informs me that it is probably nerves and due to them settling in. Fingers crossed, if they are no better in a few days Ill take them in to see him.
Any other advice for a new chicken mum welcome.
Ash - Birmingham - England

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