Runny, possibly bloody poop

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    Jan 31, 2013
    Hi all,
    We got our 15 rir and 3 cochins yesterday. They range from 4-8 days old. Last night, they had runny poop which the lady that sold them said was normal since we moved them to our house. This morning, some of the poop on the paper towel covered shavings looks like it may have a little blood. With all the chicks together, it would be hard to figure out which chick goes with which poop. These are our first chicks. Could poop have a reddish color? Could it be due to transporting them? They are on medicated starter. When we got them, the lady said that she had only had cocci in chicks once a couple of years ago, so I am not sure it is that.
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    I wonder why she even bothered mentioning coccidiosis if it wasn't a problem in her flock? I'd keep a close eye on them and actually would probably adminster a coccidiostat that was not contradictatory to the medication in your feed.
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    A little blood can be normal, yes. If they are ill with cocci they will really look sick. I'm guessing they are acting OK since you didn't say they are lethargic, won't eat or drink, maybe hunched over as if cold, which are signs of cocci.

    Let me give you a link to some poop pics (warning, this is a bunch of poop) with explanations.

    Since there is a history of cocci, I'm glad you have them on medicated feed. You might consider some organic ACV in the water to give a little probiotic boost if you're not already doing this (usually Bragg's, with the mother, in the grocery store, about 1 Tbsp/gal.) Or even a bit of live culture plain yogurt. They may accept it better at least at first if mixed with a bit of feed.

    If you think cocci are making them sick, you need some Corid from the feed store.
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  4. bbdal

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    Jan 31, 2013
    I asked about cocci. She didn't mention it before I asked.
    They are acting fine and eating and drinking great. The younger ones are a little less active and stay more under light, but otherwise seem very healthy.
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    when chicks are young its best to put only paper towels down and not the shavings,they occasionally ingest it and that makes a bloody poop problem

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