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I have noticed the smallest of my chicks has off and on runny stool. It seems like once a day since Monday. Her wings are also much smaller than the others. She is eating well and drinking well. Should I separate her? They are on medicated feed and water vitamins. Is there anything else I can/should do?


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She is a week old and they are runny occasionally. She seems fine this am. Eating and drinking and acting normal. :\
OK- there is a thing called "caecal poo" and it happens about one in every 8 poos or so. It is liquid and normal.

Here see the poo page:

However, continuous runny poo, or poo that is watery (unless they have been eating lots of fruit or the weather is hot) isn't normal.

Also, if your chicks appear lethargic, cold with feathers fluffed up, not eating or drinking, standing in corner by herself, then I would be concerned about possible coccidiosis. There can be regular diarrhea or bloody poo.

Shed intestinal lining is normal and can appear (looks like mushy blood, a bit orangish) every once in awhile.
So it sounds like your chick is OK!!!
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