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    I have been having a hard time with my hens and roosters. I guess I should start at the beginning and this will be long. I first got out flock of chickens with 2 black sex links and 4 white leghorns. They were all doing fine until a dog/fox got into our coop while the gate was open and killed my black sex links, 1 of my white leghorns and 1 went missing and never was found. As replacements I went out and bought 4 black authorlorpe (sp?) and 4 buff orphingtons. My husband quickly wanted some egg layers and bought 2 old hens at the flea market. We only kept those 2 weeks and sent them to a friends house in another county. Then we went to a breeded in our county to get some more. All of his hens looked very well kept, and spereated by breed. We got one rooster that had got into a fight with another one. He said his comb was messed up, but otherwise he was fine. These were barred rock. We also got a barred rock hen to go with the rooster. We also bought 2 RIR that night. They are doing great and laying eggs on a consistent basis. One of them holds his wings out a lot and breaths with his mouth open. I am just assumming because it's hot and humid out. The rooster did not last long before he died. Less than a week. We called the seller back and told him what happened. He then told us he wasn't acting quite right, but just thought it was because of the fight. He gave us the other BR rooster he had. Again, that one lasted about 2 weeks before he died. I told my husband that the last crow I heard out of him was hoarse sounding and 2 days before he died I didn't hear a crow at all. Then we had one of the baby BA killed by a black snake. My husband saw it at the end when it happened. Then 2 of the BA started getting water running eyes that got swollen shut within a day or 2. I am not up to 3 BA having the watery/swollen eyes. All of these are pulled out from the rest of the flock. One of the white leghorns that was left died too. He did not have the watery eyes, but rather just looked like he lost leg feeling. My mom also noticed that one of the BO died while we were on vacation. She said that she didn't notice anything wrong with her either. My SIL in the time being brought 2 cuckoo marans, and 4 easter eggers that all are doing fine right now. Then my grandma's friend had to get rid of his 3 roosters because of complaints. They were doing great at first. Now one looks kind of lazy looking and I just noticed when I went out to give them fresh water on had the starts of the watery eyes. I have been consistenly giving them antibiotics in their water since we called the vet to try to figure out what was going on. After the last chicken died we pressure washed and cleaned out the entire coop and put new bedding in. I just want to know what is causing this watery/swollen eyes. It appears to be itchy too because they keep scratching their eyes and rubbing them in their feathers. I have even thought about giving them a bath because they look so pitiful. The BA that have been secluded for awhile appear to be getting better, but their eyes are still watery looking and not quite normal.

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    Quote:Sounds like you brought some one home that was sick, birds can be carriers and not have symptoms thats why we can't stress enough about quaranteen any new chickens for at least 30 days before putting in with your flock. I don't know what kind of antibiotic you are using but sounds like you need to try a different one. Have you tried Tylan? 1to2 tsp. per gallon of water for 5 days, can be mixed with 1 tea. of Aurcomycin powder for tough respiratory problems. More than likely your birds will be carriers of what ever this is, which means you should not sell or give any of your birds. Keeping a closed flock. the other alternative would be to put down all your flock and start over. Sorry this has happened. heres a link that may help
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    I agree with Miss Lydia. Biosecurity should be top priority with chickens, that includes quarantining new chickens before they are introduced to your flock. There is no telling which chronic respiratory disease (CRD) that they have. Your birds will be carriers for life and you cant introduce new birds, sell or give away birds, nor eggs. Some CRD's are passed through the eggs...none in, none out, no exceptions. Also, if you go to another place that has chickens after handling your chickens, it's possible to carry/transmit pathogens on your clothes or shoes to the other flock. I believe you will continue to have sickness and death with your current flock. Dosing with antibiotics such as duramycin, tylan, baytril etc...will treat the symptoms, but wont cure the disease. It will be an expensive event for you. I recommend that you cull...then disinfect everything including feeders, waterers, coops, nests etc... use AG lime on the soil and till it in, then cover your pen with sand. Wait at least a month or two before introducing new birds. I suggest you purchase birds from a reputable person or hatchery. If you buy from a person dont be afraid to ask questions regarding the health of their chickens. You can physically pick up a chicken and inspect it yourself. You can look for lice/mites, scaley leg mites, bumblefoot, pasty vent, look inside their mouth for sores, put your ear to their sides and listen for any gurgling, wheezing or clicking. Ask the owner if they've been wormed. Look at their living conditions as well, that alone will tell you's easy to say, "thank you for your time, perhaps another time," then walk away. Good luck.
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    Quote:Thanks dawg you said it alot better than I did.
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    This is a great post on how to check new hens. I cannot stress enough the quarantine for 30 days and being assertive with the chicken keeper-no matter how nice and assuring they are!
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    But just be aware that there are some things quarantine won't help.

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