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  1. Dobie

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    May 28, 2010
    Hi, we are building our first coop/chicken run and have a question for you experienced folks out there. We live in a raccoon infested area. Our run is approx 12ft x 16ft x 6 ft. We screwed in (and buried about a foot deep) 1/2 inch hardware cloth. But what kind of material do we use on the top? Is chicken wire too flimsy up there? Should we use more hardware cloth? Something else? Is the top to prevent raccoons or to prevent hawks (we have both) from entering?

    Also, the location of the chicken run is a little unusual... Within the enclosure is a young sequoia (giant redwood). The diameter is about 3 ft right now. Any thoughts on how to work around the tree?

  2. Not sure about working around the tree but I only covered mine to keep out hawks and from my birds flying out. Never had a racoon enter from there either so I think it is safe from raccons up there but surley don't quote me on it. Everywhere seems to be different.
  3. helloroe

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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Hardware cloth on top. To the tree I would bend it around the tree about 1/2'-1' and attach with fencing staples.

    The racoon was using the tree to enter our penned area to get our girls. He used trees to come in over the 5' fence and then to drop into their run.
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    Apr 17, 2010
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    A friend of mine has a tree growing up in the middle of his run, had wire roof that had been attached to the tree... As the tree grew, the wire came loose - coons got in and murdered all his ducks in one night, ate just one. He should've been paying attention to the growing 'leaks' in his roof, which is the case if the tree is growing.
  5. arcatamarcia

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    Sep 24, 2009
    I also have a tree in my run and live in a raccoon/hawk/redwoods area (sempervirens not sequoia, but big trees just the same). Personally, I'm putting 1/2" hardware cloth on the top because I want to keep out rats. I think you could get away with 2X4" welded wire on the top if you aren't concerned about rodents, but I don't think either a hawk or a raccoon would be stopped for long by chicken wire. But you will have to check it regularly to accommodate tree growth.
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    Mar 3, 2010
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    Quote:I have 2x4 welded wire fencing over the top of my run and we've got raccoon issues here. They haven't gotten in yet so I'm hopeful that this was effective. Oh and [​IMG]
  7. Chook-A-Holic

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    What I have done in the past is to frame a fence the height of the run around the tree and wrap it with hardware cloth. Then when you put the cover on the run, install the wire to the tree fence but not inside of it. The tree is now in it's own space inside of the run. Keep in mind though the growth and any movement of the tree due to wind/storms . Any predators that may get on top of your run or come down from the tree cannot get into your run. Also you may need to take precautions against diggers at the tree fence.
  8. teach1rusl

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    I also used the 2x4 welded wire on the top of my run...strong, and much cheaper than HW cloth. My cats walk around up there, and I've had at least one young raccoon up there, but no break-ins so far. Of course your safest bet is to make sure that your chickens are closed inside their housing each night [​IMG]
  9. briana1975

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    My advise would be to make sure your coop is secure each and every night. Hardwire cloth over windows and any openings on eves. Latches with locks. Hard plywood double walled walls. Lock your chickens in every night. DO NOT let them sleep overnight in the run. Then your run only has to keep the daytime preditors out.

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