Runt chick wont eat or drink

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    I felt sorry for the babies at TSC and bought the last three bantams in the bin because it was almost closing and I doubted anyone else wanted em. Anyway, turns out one of them is much smaller than the others. He won't eat or drink, won't walk unless forced, he has black and green runny poos, mixed with rather runny urates. I was told he is an OEGB. He sleeps and chirps, that's about it. I don't have a syringe small enough to feed him with so I'm having to put a mash on the side of his beak and hope he takes it. Advice or makeshift ways to feed him and get him water? He is very weak and getting worse, I don't want to put him down for fear he will get trampled by the other bantams and die. [​IMG]

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    Mar 10, 2013
    I also just received 2 weak chicks. put sugar in water add to crumbles to make soupy mix feed a few days to get a boost. If it still wont eat add sugar to water and dip beak into it. I put some in my hand and put its beak in the fold of my palm to encourage it to drink. also if you get pasty butts(clean them off) add yogurt with live cultures to this mix. I have had great success with this. Hope the are doing ok

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