Runt Update - One is a Barred Rock [Pictures]

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by xC0000005, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Two weeks later my "runt" chicks are doing just fine (and would no longer be considered runts...unless you had their brood mates to compare them to). The larger of the two is a black Cochin. When we got her she was twice as large as the barred rock both in height and weight. Both had cocci (blood in the stool) and the barred rock, well, that picture above was his good side. The other side had fewer feathers. He has feathered up very quickly on the medicated feed. (I call it a he - I named it Parmesian, since all potential meals are named after food). Now they are just about identical. One of them is a barred rock and we're having quite a few debates about whether it is a pullet or a dinner - I mean, cockerel.

    Here's a picture of it when we first got it

    And here it is now, at (we think) nearly four weeks age

    In the kitchen light it looks white with black stripes.
    In the daylight (or brooder) it looks black with white stripes.

    It's cute regardless, and the chicks are inseperable.
    If you remove one to pet it the other makes a noise like a crossing signal the entire time.

    Amazing what a little (lot) of food, medicine, water and heat lamps can do. My wife makes sure everyone knows "It wasn't my idea." But she agrees they are cute as well.

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    Very pretty!
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    I think it's promising as a pullet (not seeing red or any wattles) but at this stage of the game it's ALL about waiting. In either case, she looks a bit worried about being held over the stove! [​IMG]
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