runty, frozen (?) pullet going downhill. HELP!

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  1. Moky has always been the smallest, thinnest, lightest of our 4 teenagers. She is a Barred Rock, and is just really small. She still sleeps on the back of her 'momma'. She was born in June. Anyway, this morning, after a 12 degree night in an unheated coop, she was laying on the floor, not moving. I picked her up, and she's alive, and can sit on her feet, but refuses to move, or open her eyes, or eat or drink. I've got her set up with a warming light on her, and a bottle of hot water under the shavings beneath her, but she still won't move, and her wings are fully extended/drooping. I put some warm sugar water down her beak with a syringe.... she didn't like it, and most drooled out the sides. what else can I do?

    i checked on her, rearranged her better under the light, and she wouldn't sit up... she just lays there.
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    Sounds like failure to thrive by all you have said. I hope she'll pull through for you. sounds like your doing all you can. Do you have electrolytes? baby vits w/o iron might be worth a try. Best wishes! and keep us posted
  3. she rallied yesterday, late, but this morning, looks worse than ever. i put some newspaper underneath her, so when she goes, i can just scoop up the whole bundle. I hate winter, because I can't bury any of my pets if they die.
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    I'm sorry, wish it could have been great news, just remember you have done all you can and I'm sure she knows it. [​IMG]

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