Rupert has been sold for Christmas ....

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    Had to make room for the upcoming group of layers ... had to do it. I decided to sell off the remainder of the hatchery stock, to make room for the breeders. Smart thing to do, huh? Yea, after waiting for eggs .... finally get layers (3 dozen eggs a day) .... sell 'em! Smart! Now, I'm getting 6 eggs a day .... and 4 or 5 come from the Silkies and Seramas! I kept 4 Easter Eggers, and get 1 green egg a day! I'm sure 3 aren't yet laying. Could that be? Oh yea, I forgot ..... I kept Shirley, too. She ran into hiding when we were playin' the, "catch the chickens," game for the buyers last week. Shirley is just coming out of her moult. Smart little girl, she is .... run and hide! So, I sold all the hens, except those mentioned. That leaves me with the 4 roosters left. I had to move them into the new bachelor's pad. Unhappy bunch of boys there, I'll tell ya! That, along with the family all moping around here, sad .... not wanting Rupert to go! Geeezzzzz .....

    The feedstore called me. They said they had a grandpa there looking for a rooster. Yeah, I'm thinking! I've got 4 he could HAVE! The story goes .... his grandson has 14 hens, and all he wants for Christmas is an incubator and a rooster. The feedstore recommended me. So, Grandpa called, and came out within 30 minutes. My DH gave him the grand tour and chatted (endlessly, mind you). Grandpa said he had went to a woodcarver and had him carve a rooster for his grandson, and gave it to him. Well, that didn't go over well, he said. So, he was lookin' for the real thing this time. He decided on Ricky (RIR) and Rupert (Cuckoo Marans) for the boy. He asked if we would continue to keep them until closer to Christmas. So, we will. Then, he asked if he could bring the boy out to see our chickens. Sure, not a problem. Come to find out .... shocked me .... the grandson is 6 years old! [​IMG] Does that surprise you?

    Just thought I'd share this story of Rupert with ya ....
    Here's my daughter holding Rupert ... (and Tyson, the dog) ...

    Here's the story I wrote about Rupert in September, 2009 ...

    I bought 44 hatchery chicks in May. They are now 18 weeks old. When they were about a month old, I was given a trio of 1 yr old cuckoo marans.

    Anyway, 1 year old Rupert was given to me, along with his 2 ladies, Lavern and Shirley. After quarantine of 5 weeks they shared the fence line with the main flock for another 5 weeks. Now, for 2 weeks they have all (silkies also) been free ranging together. Though the silkies stay to themselves, they are quick to send the others a runnin' !

    Rupert, Laverne, and Shirley all keep to themselves, and stay out of the others' way. I have been wanting to get them in with the main (hatchery) flock, but waiting for the others to grow. Now, since they are near laying, I figured it was time. Four nights ago we put them in the coop with the others. They have been in and out of the run and big coop off and on, while out free ranging. But, they were surely not happy.

    The girls both lay an egg every day. But now, in a new coop, what to do?? Oh no, poor Laverne. Pacing the fence line, looking at her old coop, looking up at how high the fence was, and even getting up on the branch roost near the fence (contemplating jumping the fence) for 2 hours, singing the egg song. Honestly, this is unbelievable ... but this is what Rupert did. He went into the hen house (where Shirley had already layed her egg), and got into a nest, and he kept calling her with his sweet song. Over and over and over again. She would go in and come out, go in and come out. So many times, I thought Rupert would give up. During this time, many of the main flock sat inside the coop and watched Rupert, as if they were at a movie. (Only thing missing was the popcorn!). I ran inside to tell the family what was going on. DH (Mike) and I sat out in our yard and witnessed this event. Ever so lovely, Rupert singing to his girl. Finally, she went in and layed her egg in the nest. Then, and only then, Rupert came out.... with her.

    This went on again on day 2 and day 3. Today was day 4. It was just a bit different, in that before he got in the nest, he chased the main flock out of the coop. I think he was tired of the audience! LOL. Laverne was much quicker today, less than an hour of pacing and crying the egg song, "I gotta lay, I gotta lay, I gotta lay this egg, oh my!"

    This rooster is so lovely. I have watched him for hours. When he mates, I swear he asks first. AND, he does accept, "no," for an answer at times! LOL .... He courts his girls, takes them to dinner, and is always sweet talking to them. Sometimes they squat, sometimes they don't ! Of course Mr. Manners would never do this in front of me (or anyone). This is only done in private, away from others! Around the corner of the run, or when out free ranging in the timber, etc. And ALWAYS very gentle. Those girls don't so much as have a feather out of place, much less a feather missing! I sure wish our Rhode Island Red Rooster, Rocky, could have learned some manners from ol' Rupert.

    Honestly, this is a true story. Rupert is so wonderful. The 3 Marans stay together, and don't bother anyone. If someone is invading their space, Rupert will gently guide them away. I mean very gently. He does not peck at the others, just shows them the way out. One time Rocky and Obama were about to really get into it. (First time I had seen this happen also.) Rupert, the lovely man that he is, simply went across the run and walked in between them, and they went their separate ways. WOW, I was shocked. Obviously, Rupert does not like chaos!

    UPDATE: Day 5: Lavern layed an egg ... ALL BY HERSELF !



    Rupert, Laverne, and Shirley ....

    Oh, I did forget to mention ... I hatched out 9 babies from Laverne, Shirley, and Rupert! They are in the growout pen now! I got 5 pullets and 4 roos from them. Now, what am I gonna do with them???? Hhhhmmmm
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    I hatched out Ruperts son!!!!!!!! hes getting so big!!!
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    OH, GOOD ! ! ! You're gonna love him! Gentle birds, the cuckoo marans (in general)!

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