Ruptured egg sac?


Aug 23, 2020
I usually had one chick in each batch with this condition, but this batch I had 2 so far. The chick will hatch covered in a gooey yellowish substance, when it dries it’s very hard to get off and pullling it off really hurts the chick. I’ve had chicks that let this substance dry when hatching so that they get stuck to the egg and never even make it out. I’m pretty sure the substance is coming from the egg sac but I have no idea. It’s probably an incubation/ humidity issue but if you know what this is or how to fix it please let me know I’m desperate!
It’s probably an incubation/ humidity issue but if you know what this is or how to fix it please let me know I’m desperate!
Hi there, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

I'm going to provide you with some excellent resources. But you will have to do the research to dial in YOUR conditions and discern exactly what you are seeing because many things can APPEAR similar but have very different causes or fixes.

What you describe is NOT relative to yolk sac.. and more likely on par with sticky chick than mushy chick syndrome.. in MY experience.

Yes.. either temperature/humidity related from incubation.. but always pay attention to other things.. such as individual layer, egg storage conditions, etc..

My favorite incubation resource with cause for hatch failure starting around page 52..
Incubation guide

I found that resource and lots of other information in the following thread which has some outdated links but tons of valid information and continues to be updated..
Hatching Eggs 101

And another hatch analysis resource with GREAT information..
Hatchability Problem

*Possible* fixes.. move eggs around inside incubator daily.. to combat any temperature differences and spread them out.. resulting in tighter hatch frame.

Are these STICKY chicks.. hatching on day 21.. earlier or later? A different colored egg or breed than others? If others are hatching normal, and only one or two are not then maybe the egg condition is more relative than the incubation'hatching parameters??

Although friendly lurkers, heart is in the right place.. I'm not sure their suggestion is valid.. or if it will help or make matters worse. I do solidly and humbly disagree with their assessment having hatched hundreds of chicks.. but I could be way off as well! So with anything.. please use YOUR best judgement. :)

FWIW sticky chicks is caused by humidity already being too high.

Although the gunk left over and dried on looks yellowish.. it is NOT yolk. But it's easy to see how it could be mistaken for such.

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