Russia Bans US Chicken Imports

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    Putin Says Chlorine in Chickens Unsafe

    by Dan Flynn | Jan 16, 2010
    Getting another American chicken into Russia just got harder.

    Prime Minister Vladimir Putin weighed into the Russian ban on U.S. chicken imports.

    "We haven't seen any readiness to meet Russian standards on the part of some of our partners, mainly the companies from the United States," Putin said. "If our foreign suppliers are unable or reluctant to meet our security requirements, we will use other sources."

    The Russians banned chickens from countries using chlorine in poultry processing beginning Jan. 1 2010. Putin made the Americans the odd man out saying that Russia was merely joining the European Union in banning, for food safety reasons, chickens from chlorine-using counties.
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    Go ahead Putin and eat chinese chicken. THey are known for their creative food attatives. Putin had a bit to much vodka.
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