Russian Orloffs, 7 weeks old. What gender?


Apr 7, 2020
Waycross, Georgia
I have two Russian Orloffs and they are leaving me stumped on their gender. I can't find many others who have this breed or much online, and their combs are strange so I can't compare them to other breeds. One has a small but kinda dark single comb, presumably a pullet, but she acts like a really bold roo. The other's comb is completely flat! Is this a sign that its a roo? Is it something genetically wrong with it? Is it a sign that its a pullet? The area is very red, so I have no clue. Any help here?


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Apr 7, 2020
Waycross, Georgia
They both look like pullets. There is nothing wrong with her comb, that's just her comb type.
The same breed with two different comb types? Sorry for the ignorance here I've just never really looked into it, but does that mean she's a mixed breed?
Both of their temperaments are very rooster-ish, (bowing up and jumping back and forth at each other sometimes), but could that just be them being young and figuring out order/being playful?
I've never even seen Orloffs outside of these two, so theyre a new breed to me lol. Are these combs able to tell gender like in other breeds or do I need more pictures


Mar 13, 2020
Kitsap county, WA
The single combed one probably is a mixed breed, because orloffs should have a cushion comb. The single combed one has a very pale comb still, so I would guess pullet. The cushion combed one doesn't have a very red comb yet, so I said pullet, but she could be a cockerel.

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Gee. Id think that if hatcheries were going to market a specific breed, they'd at least sell the breed up to standard. Not that I mind, I still love my chickens, I just wish some agricultural industries would breed their animals better

Not at all. They breed for quantity not quality.

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